VCAT Expert Witness

Insurance Claims

Our team at White Building Reports professionally deal with VMIA building warranty insurance and other insurance claims. We can help you and your lawyers with any disputes with your insurance company by providing an expert witness, building report and on-site inspections.


  • • VIMA - Insurance Claim Warranty Reports

The Victorian managed insurance authority (VMIA) insurance will provide cover if your builder has declared bankruptcy, is in liquidation or under receivership, is insolvent, has disappeared or died.

Unfinished projects generally have defects and weather-related damage that needs to be identified as part of your claim, along with identifying incomplete work and defective work.

We Have Helped Many Of Our Clients With Claims That VMIA Has Rejected

With the VMIA Schedule of rejected items, claiming they are incomplete works or not defective, we will include a cost estimate so you know how much you should receive to cover each item.

How White Building Reports Helps?

We will inspect each item and give you an honest appraisal of what you should be claiming; this is a traumatic time, and you have a valuable home get short-changed by your insurance company. As the added cost of retaining a new builder isn't bad enough, you don't want to miss out on claiming items you are entitled to claim.