New Home Inspection Melbourne

Building a new home is undoubtedly a complex and overwhelming process and there is hardly any home built without any flaws. No matter how good or reputed the builders you engage for the job, flaws are tending to be there. That’s why you need to carry out an independent New Home Inspection by a professional Building Inspector to ensure that everything has been completed to a professional and acceptable standard.

Our qualified Building Inspectors at White Building Reports use a detailed new home inspection checklist to help identify any hidden, prospective issues and whether the construction and workmanship of your project has been completed in accordance with the Australian Standards and Building Codes.

Make Your New Home Hazard-free With White Building Reports

All our Home Inspectors are highly experienced professionals and have been providing New Home Inspection Services in Melbourne, Victoria for years. Undertaking your project by White Building Reports means all the prospective issues will be thoroughly assessed and a detailed inspection report will be presented to you. This helps you to rectify the issues before moving into your new home.

What Does Our New Home Inspection Cover?

Our New Home Inspection report is detailed, apt and comprehensive one that covers the entire accessible house and the checklist includes:

  • The overall quality of the finishes, i.e. paintwork, plastering, tiling,
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Roof cover (where possible)
  • Roof frame, insulation and sarking
  • Brickwork and cladding
  • Walls, internal and external
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Concrete slab
  • Waterproofing
  • Doors and frames, internal and external
  • Windows and frames, internal and external
  • Patios, balconies and stairs
  • Cabinets and wardrobes

What Does Our New Home Inspection Report Include?

A building inspection report from White Building Reports will provide you with:

  • An independent and detailed house inspection report including the end condition and finishes of the completed construction work.
  • Detail description of the problems and defects in simplified language containing pictures of cited items so that you can see what issues may exist.
  • The report can be submitted to the builder to make sure they rectify the existing issues before occupancy.
  • Reports can be used for dispute resolution.
  • In case of any discourse with the builder, we can help with any VCAT requirements and reports; also represent your case as an Expert Witness if required.

For more information or to book a new home or pre-handover inspection in Melbourne, call White Building Reports on 0418 322 925, email us at or complete our online enquiry form here.