VCAT Expert Witness

VCAT and Court Proceedings

If you think your newly made construction has certain developmental errors or the building contractor has displayed an unsatisfactory workmanship, but isn’t accepting the liability, then you can take event to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or to the Courts to resolve the dispute. In such cases they often advise you to get an unbiased, expert opinion including VCAT Expert WitnessBuilding Inspection Defects Report.

Who Is VCAT Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a person with a depth of knowledge of the building industry, regulations, Codes and requirements to build and complete a structure to an acceptable standard.

An expert is one who has been in the building industry for many years and understands the complexity of the industry and is able to separate client expectations from the requirements of various building standards. That expert is to draw on the years within the industry, provide reference to the required standard and where required, provide solutions.

The building expert will not be drawn into emotional or unsubstantiated claims and will only deal with matters of fact that are relevant to a claim or she can substantiate as a result of thorough investigation. The expert must show all documentation that has been used to arrive at a conclusion, dispute or matter at hand.

Why Choose White Building Reports As VCAT Expert Witness?

  • Our expert building inspectors will provide an authentic and factual building inspection report to your Solicitors / Barristers over the claim for defects or problems within a building.
  • We are unbiased and abide by the mandatory Schedule 7 - Expert Code of Conduct, June 2005 which is required for all Court matters and a separate Code of Conduct required for CTTT
  • Our building experts will provide factual information on the extent and value of the claim while the solicitor is involved in the legal issues. Our report can be referred to as litigation support.
  • Our reports include detailed photographs and references to the relevant building codes and tolerances.
  • All reports will be provided with a signed document.

At White Building Reports, we can help you in VCAT and Court proceedings and provide you with an unbiased Expert Witness reports.

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