Professional Building Inspectors


White Building Reports is specialised for impeccable Building Inspection in Werribee, Melbourne. We are one of the leading professional building inspectors and have been in the building inspection industry for more than 20 years.

Why Do You Need Building Inspection in Werribee?

When it comes to buy a property or home in Werribee, you cannot just blindly trust the verbal assurance of the owner or the agent. If you are a property buyer and looking to invest huge on your dream purchase, you must make sure you get the most of it. And the easiest and most obvious way to get it is to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection by our experienced building inspector.


A home inspection will determine the real condition of the property you are looking to purchase and also help you make up your mind whether you should buy the property or not. Moreover, our building inspector can provide you with advice you need to consider when you look to purchase any property.

You must remember, its not the property seller’s interest to reveal a list of potential defects lurking within the property. On the contrary they will try their best to conceal the defects and get the deal done. This is where a White Building Reports comes in aid. Our pre-purchase building inspection and a comprehensive report can be termed as a ‘proof’ against the ‘verbal claim’ of the seller (in case situation arises).

Why Choose WBR For Building Inspections in Werribee?

White Building Reports have years of experience in the building inspection industry. We have conducted several pre-purchase and pre-handover inspections throughout Werribee and its adjacent areas. That’s why we can presume what prospects can potentially pose threats for the properties in the locality.

Besides, we have a large team of qualified building inspectors who have years of on-filed experience. We go by all the rules and regulations of Australian Standard and leave no stones unturned to provide you with a genuine and effective building inspection report.

Our Services in Werribee

We offer a wide range of services throughout Werribee which include:

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspection
  • New Home Inspection
  • Construction Stage Inspection
  • Pool inspection
  • VCAT & Expert Witness
  • Property survey & Dilapidation report
  • EMF Assessment

& more.

If you are about to purchase a new home or property in Werribee and have query regarding any of our services, do feel free to contact one our representatives on 0418 322 925 or send us a mail at