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Building Inspection Tips 2022: Controling Moisture in Your Home

Mould is one of the biggest fundamental issues we usually find during building inspection service. If you own a house, you should make it a habit of checking any presence of mould on regular basis. You can do this by checking your roof for any roof leaks and the brickwork after wet and stormy weather. This will ensure water is not getting in through any new leaks. You should also regularly check on your ventilation throughout your home and possible sources of moisture.

Adequate ventilation is crucial in controlling humidity and in increasing the indoor air quality. It might be as easy as letting out trapped moisture through opening a window, or turning the fans or aircon on. This is especially important in wet rooms and during particularly hot and humid months. Investing in a good quality humidifier is also a good remedy for trapped moisture.

If water is in fact entering your home from the outside, you may have to spend some time on simple landscaping to prevent further damage. If the leak is extensive, you might have to hire someone to do some professional waterproofing.

For smaller issues, put a plastic cover over dirt in crawlspaces to prevent moisture from coming in from the ground.

When Should You Have A Moisture Reading And Mould Inspection?

At White Building Reports, our qualified building inspectors always check for signs of elevated moisture during a building and pest inspection.

Even though yearly inspections are highly recommended, there are other occasions where you might want to call in professional between regular visits for peace of mind.

For example:

  • You had a mould issue in the past and are not sure it’s completely gone.
  • Your home has endured extra wet and story weather lately.
  • You recently bought a new home, or thinking about buying a particular home.
  • To determine how “bad” the problem is.
  • You bought second-hand or antique furniture (often carries mould).
  • You are experiencing mould-related health symptoms like asthma attacks or skin irritation from contact with mould.

In case you find yourself in any of the above circumstances, you should get in touch with your local building inspection service provider – White Building Reports as soon as possible.

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