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Necessity Of Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Melbourne

White Building Reports offers an entire residential and commercial pre purchase building inspection in Melbourne and its suburbs. All of our pest and pre-existing building inspections are carried out as per Australian standards and regulations with entirely conducted by qualified, licensed and insured building inspectors.

With our building inspection services, you’ll also receive a range of standard inclusions and expert consultations many other services will charge you extra for using our state-of-the-art building and pest inspection equipment.

Why You Need A Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspection

A pre-purchase or pre-auction building or pest inspection is needed to assess if there is any sign of structural damage, wear or pest infestation within the building you may be considering purchasing. It protects you and the investment you’re considering making in the purchase of residential or commercial property.

Why Choose A White Building Reports For All Your Pre Purchase Building Inspection Needs Over The Others?

  • At White Building Reports we use the latest technologies to assist in the accuracy of this pre-existing building and pest inspection assessment whereas other services may not.
  • You receive a range of standard services other building and pest inspections services may charge you extra for.
  • We’ll assess the quality of the residential home or building compared to buildings of a similar age, materials and construction to help you protect you and your investment using our vast experience.
  • Your inspection is conducted by qualified licensed and insured residential and commercial building and pest inspectors.
  • Our pre purchase building inspections are a visual, non-destructive inspection. Qualified licensed building and pest inspectors will use tools and technical knowledge to check the structure for signs of structural damage or pest infestations such as white ants or termites. If structural, pest infestation or other damage is found, advice will be given in the report on further inspections that will need to be carried out.

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspections Involve The Following:

  • Moisture meters to determine the level of moisture in the building materials, which may indicate rising damp or water leaks.
  • Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect the slight temperature variations that termites or other pests give out. Termi-track movement detector can check for movement inside wall cavities or floor spaces. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to detect slight temperature variation to assist with leak detection or air leakage.
  • Laser technologies to assess the floors and walls level to check if the building is showing signs of subsiding.
  • The inspection will also evaluate visual defects and functional operation of the building’s fixtures.
  • Assess structural elements and non-structural elements in the sub-floor areas, external of the buildings, roof space areas and internal of the premises if access is available
  • If the roof linings or outer walls are inaccessible, a drone can be used to assess the condition of these elements at an additional cost.
  • All White Building Reports’ pest and pre-existing building inspections are carried out as per Australian regulations and standards.

How White Building Reports Helps with Pre purchase Building Inspection

We provide timely and reliable independent property inspections to Melbourne home buyers and property investors, giving you a complete report detailing major structural & minor defects.

As a registered building practitioner in the highest form of residential building category in Victoria, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver comprehensive and detailed house inspections that ensure you are well informed. Our reports are generally emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection taking place.

We have full professional indemnity insurance to cover our independent property inspections, and are fully qualified, while our prices are fair and reasonable. Please note that rates will be influenced by the construction type, size of the building, general condition and any access limitations.

We Make Sure You Buy Your Dream Home – Not A Financial Disaster

Our pre purchase building inspection reports will advise of over 1,000 different major and minor structural defects throughout your proposed purchase. They have saved many Melbourne residents from making unnecessary and expensive mistakes when buying, building or maintaining a property. We will also advise of possible maintenance and/or rectification works that will be required to prevent any further related defects to other areas of the home.

A Melbourne pre purchase building inspection report can also put you in a better position when it comes to negotiating price based on any necessary repairs.

Based in Brisbane, Active Building Inspections prides itself on customer service, accurate and balanced assessments obtained through 30 years of industry experience and is therefore positioned to expertly advise in buying or selling needs.

About White Building Reports:

White Building Reports is committed to servicing through all the major Melbourne based suburbs including greater Brisbane area including Ipswich and Bay Islands, focusing on understanding the needs and expectations of our clients. Our pre-purchase building and pest inspectors are committed to excellent customer service, ensuring inspections are completed in a professional and punctual manner. These core company values are a commitment to our clients; people who we have lived beside and serviced in the building industry for the past thirty years.

White Building Reports is licensed and insured. Our inspectors are accredited to industry standards, licensed and continue to develop and adapt their skills to ensure procedures and protocol meet the current industry standards.

For more information, or to arrange a building inspection quote, please contact us on 0418 322 925 today. We would be happy to chat to you about your individual requirements.

If you need a reliable pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne from a trusted and experienced provider, we are the obvious choice.

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