pre-handover inspection

Value of Pre-Handover Inspection in Melbourne

A pre-handover inspection is essential before you take possession of your new home from the builder or proprietor. At White Building Reports, we make sure your new home has been constructed with utmost professionalism and that the house is built maintaining a highest quality of standard.

A pre-handover inspection is something that we offer as a service all over Melbourne and its suburbs. The pre-handover inspection is vastly important as after the completion of any home, you only have a finite window to report any defects or faults. It is completed before you pay the last progress payment on your contract. If a building inspection services is not completed, you leave yourself open to any post-building costs which your builder may not take responsibility for. Included in the pre-handover inspection is an assessment and examination of your new home’s interior, exterior, fittings, appliances, etc to make sure it meets the standards required.

Benefits of Pre-Handover Inspection by Professional Building Inspector

Working with a building inspection company in Melbourne that employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable building inspectors allows you to take advantage of a wealth of experience. Building stage inspection and pre-handover inspection report helps you to identify any defects, errors or omissions before the small window of practical completion closes forever, but only if it is done thoroughly.

As a homeowner, you may easily spot areas which have not been completed to your specifications, but you may not be able to assess the more complicated legal aspects and best practices when it comes to building.

To fully protect your real estate investment, you need a professional building inspector who is equipped to look for areas of non-compliance or failure to meet certain standards.

It’s always best to work with a seasoned and professional building inspector who has the necessary knowledge to prepare a comprehensive, thorough pre-handover inspection report. This report also serves as your reference document once the builder claims to have made good any defects.

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